Browse resources in Cloud Storage with Cloud Code for IntelliJ

This document describes how to browse resources in Cloud Storage from your IDE.

To browse resources through the Google Cloud Storage (GCS) tool window, perform the following tasks:

  1. Select Tools > Google Cloud Code > Cloud Storage Browser.

    Cloud Storage tool window in IntelliJ

  2. In the Google Cloud Storage (GCS) tool window, search for and then select your project.

  3. In the list of your project's resources, expand the arrow corresponding to a bucket to see its contents.

    You can also use the Filter resources search bar at the top of the tool window to search for resources.

    If your bucket contains items, the items populate after you expand the bucket.

  4. To copy the name of a bucket or a file in a bucket, right-click the bucket or file and then click Copy Resource Name.

Get support

To submit feedback or report an issue in your IntelliJ IDE, go to Tools > Cloud Code > Help / About > Submit feedback or report an issue to report an issue on GitHub, or ask a question on Stack Overflow.