Create a service in Cloud Code for IntelliJ

Get started creating a new Cloud Run service using a Cloud Code for IntelliJ sample applications.

Creating a service from a sample application

To create a new service using a sample application:

  1. In your IDE, go to File > New > Project and then click Cloud Code: Cloud Run.
  2. Select a sample application. Creating a service from a list of existing sample apps
  3. Name your project and then click Finish.

    Cloud Code clones the sample application, opens your newly created project for use, and creates the necessary Cloud Run run configurations.

  4. If you chose a Java sample application, when prompted, click Load Maven project.

    Maven build scripts found notification - choose Load Maven Project, Skip, or Help

Get support

To submit feedback or report an issue in your IntelliJ IDE, go to Tools > Cloud Code > Help / About > Submit feedback or report an issue to report an issue on GitHub, or ask a question on Stack Overflow.