Overview of Channel Services

You can use Channel Services to manage your relationships with your partners and your customers. Channel Services include a console and APIs to view and provision links between distributors and resellers, customers and entitlements.


The benefits of Channel Services are as follows:

  • Unifies the Google Cloud partner program across products
  • Helps distributors and resellers grow their businesses
  • Meets needs of both 1-tier and 2-tier partners


Channel Services provides:

  • A Unified Resale Catalog
  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Billing management
  • Policy and authorization management
  • Cost management

Channel Services APIs

The Cloud Channel API provides:

  • Customer Management
  • Catalog APIs
  • Entitlement Management APIs
  • Pubsub Notifications

Partner Sales Console

The Partner Sales Console is a UI that shows:

  • Eligible offers
  • Invoices