Getting access to the Cloud Channel API

The Cloud Channel API is intended for developers and service integrators who want to write applications that manage resold customers, and place or manage orders for Google products on their behalf.

Before you can use the Cloud Channel API, you must complete the following steps.

Enroll as a Google Cloud Partner

To become a Google Cloud Partner, apply to the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Follow the instructions to accept the NDA, access partner tools, and complete the prerequisites to become an authorized reseller or distributor.

Get a Partner Sales Console

As part of the onboarding process, you will be set up with a Partner Sales Console on your own reseller domain.

(Google Workspace and Google Chrome) Get a Test Partner Sales Console

This step is optional, but we recommend it if you want to use the API for provisioning.

The Test Partner Sales Console lets you to discover the API and test your API integration in a Google production environment that is separate from your production setup. This includes the ability to test features at no additional cost.

Next steps

Learn about the Channel Services Concepts, then head to the codelabs to complete the technical initial setup to start discovering the API.