Google Cloud SKU groups

This page provides a summary of the stock keeping unit (SKU) groups available to you as a reseller.

Channel Services SKU groups

All public SKU groups in addition to the following SKU groups are available for use when you create and manage custom repricing configurations:

  • Third Party Marketplace (Id: 31f47c09-96ff-43dc-912b-bb3808148be2)
  • Google Maps Platform (Id: d56c1f4c-d3bb-4a7b-acb0-8376793b4105)
  • GCP Reseller (Id: 3d50fd57-3157-4577-a5a9-a219b8490041)

Marketplace vendor SKU Groups

The SKUs in the groups under this category include private SKUs and might not be visible to all partners.

  • Elastic Marketplace SKUs (Id: 4935495f-6ae7-44b8-b3b5-e3545492b732)
  • Splunk Marketplace SKUs (Id: d4806ac5-1df1-4a95-9dfc-c22784c3ea0d)
  • MongoDB Marketplace SKUs (Id: 3c98e00f-626d-40b1-8806-678b19ec51f8)
  • Netapp Marketplace SKUs (Id: cd701612-f7a4-436e-ab6f-9398172307b2)
  • Palo Alto Networks Marketplace SKUs (Id: d8938e23-f696-4242-8385-ab3f86e0b0f0)
  • Redis Marketplace SKUs (Id: de0c79ce-c2fd-49bd-b1b2-66277e14b278)
  • Itopia Marketplace SKUs (Id: 2e573702-a404-4d9f-bcb8-67f31faa571d)
  • HashiCorp Marketplace SKUs (Id: 53ce8604-8e0b-4e8a-9540-85f2e5154a03)

Third party Marketplace SKU group

This group includes product SKUs from third-party software providers. This represents the complete collection of all 3p SKUs. We do not provide partner program discount on the full list. But there might be individual ISV-level margins available to you via overrides on ISV SKU groups above.

As an example, the MongoDB and MariaDB SKUs are a part of this group.

Google Maps Platform SKU group

This group includes SKUs for products available on the Google Maps Platform. You can visit the Google Maps Platform documentation for information on how to get started with the platform.

As an example, the Directions API and Places API SKUs are a part of this group.

GCP Reseller SKU group

This group includes Google Cloud SKUs that we provide with partner program discounts. Most Google Cloud SKUs are a part of this group. To view the SKUs this might include, you can export this SKU group to a file and view the full list of available SKUs.

For more information on the SKUs included in this group, visit the Google Cloud SKU Groups article.