Google Cloud suspensions overview

You can use either the Google Cloud console or the Cloud Channel API to issue suspensions for Google Cloud (formerly Google Cloud Platform) entitlements. For example, you can suspend a customer's entitlement for deliquency. In rare cases, Google may issue suspensions due to potential violations of the Google Cloud terms of service.

Billing administrators on the sub billing account will receive an email informing them of the suspension along with details on why their account was suspended. You define the terms of use for a customer and are responsible for providing an acceptable explanation for the suspension. Your customers must work with you to remove the suspension.

Understanding suspended accounts

You can suspend a customer's entitlements using the Google Cloud console. To do so, select the resource you want to suspend and click Suspend. If you want to use the Cloud Channel API, use the account.customers.entitlements.suspend method. You need to provide the entitlement's resource name to suspend its use for the customer.

When you suspend a sub billing account, you limit a customer's options without completely interrupting their active services.

While suspended, the customer:

  • Can't create new virtual machines on Google Cloud projects associated with the suspended subaccount.
  • Can access and modify existing Google Cloud projects.
  • Can access and modify existing virtual machines on an active project.

Understanding reactivated accounts

When you're ready to remove a suspension, you can either reactivate the entitlement through the Google Cloud console, or use the Cloud Channel API's accounts.customers.entitlements.activate method. Like suspensions, you need to provide the entitlement's resource name to activate it.

Lifting a suspension will remove any existing limitations on owned Google Cloud projects.

If you can't remove the suspension, or have trouble doing so, contact Customer Support for help.