Set up a customer filter using the ListCustomers API

If you need to find information about a specific customer, you can use the Cloud Channel API filter parameter through the customers.list method.

If you use a filter, there is a short delay (usually a few seconds) during the creation of a customer. If you need access to a customer immediately after creation, we recommend using customers.list without a filter or customers.get.

Available filters

Strings for the filter parameter support exact match, or exact match plus prefix filtering. Filters are not case sensitive.

The following table describes the available fields you can search for, and the methods they support.

External Search Key Exact match support Prefix support
domain Yes Yes
org_display_name Yes Yes
cloud_identity_id Yes No
channel_partner_id Yes No

You can find the complete filter syntax in the API filtering guide.

Exact match syntax

Exact match filters will only find customers that contain the same fields as those in the submitted string.

Syntax: <domain | org_display_name | cloud_identity_id | channel_partner_id> = <value>

Example: domain = "" AND channel_partner_id = "12345"

Prefix syntax

Prefix filters allow the use of an asterisk as a wild-card symbol. This filter will find customers that have fields with the prefix, regardless of the content that comes after it.

Syntax: <domain | org_display_name> : <value>*

Example: domain : "*" AND org_display_name : "prefix*"

Examples of filters with logical operators

Cloud Channel API filters support the use of AND and OR logical operators. You can use both operators in one filter by using a parenthetical statement.

AND example

domain = "" AND channel_partner_id = "12345" AND org_display_name : "display*"

OR example

domain = "" OR channel_partner_id = "12345" OR org_display_name : "display*"

AND + OR example

domain = "" OR (channel_partner_id = "12345" AND org_display_name : "display*" )

You need to use parentheses if the filter contains an AND and an OR statement. The following example is not a valid filter string.

domain = "" OR channel_partner_id = "12345" AND org_display_name : "display*