BigQuery Reservation API

A service to modify your BigQuery flat-rate reservations.


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.

CreateAssignment Creates an assignment object which allows the given project to submit jobs of a certain type using slots from the specified reservation.
CreateCapacityCommitment Creates a new capacity commitment resource.
CreateReservation Creates a new reservation resource.
DeleteAssignment Deletes a assignment.
DeleteCapacityCommitment Deletes a capacity commitment.
DeleteReservation Deletes a reservation.
GetBiReservation Retrieves a BI reservation.
GetCapacityCommitment Returns information about the capacity commitment.
GetReservation Returns information about the reservation.
ListAssignments Lists assignments.
ListCapacityCommitments Lists all the capacity commitments for the admin project.
ListReservations Lists all the reservations for the project in the specified location.
MergeCapacityCommitments Merges capacity commitments of the same plan into a single commitment.
MoveAssignment Moves an assignment under a new reservation.
SearchAllAssignments Looks up assignments for a specified resource for a particular region.
Deprecated: Looks up assignments for a specified resource for a particular region.
SplitCapacityCommitment Splits capacity commitment to two commitments of the same plan and commitment_end_time.
UpdateAssignment Updates an existing assignment.
UpdateBiReservation Updates a BI reservation.
UpdateCapacityCommitment Updates an existing capacity commitment.
UpdateReservation Updates an existing reservation resource.