Method: projects.locations.featurestores.entityTypes.patch

Updates the parameters of a single EntityType.

HTTP request

PATCH https://{service-endpoint}/v1/{}

Where {service-endpoint} is one of the supported service endpoints.

Path parameters



Immutable. name of the EntityType. Format: projects/{project}/locations/{location}/featurestores/{featurestore}/entityTypes/{entityType}

The last part entityType is assigned by the client. The entityType can be up to 64 characters long and can consist only of ASCII Latin letters A-Z and a-z and underscore(_), and ASCII digits 0-9 starting with a letter. The value will be unique given a featurestore.

Query parameters


string (FieldMask format)

Field mask is used to specify the fields to be overwritten in the EntityType resource by the update. The fields specified in the updateMask are relative to the resource, not the full request. A field will be overwritten if it is in the mask. If the user does not provide a mask then only the non-empty fields present in the request will be overwritten. Set the updateMask to * to override all fields.

Updatable fields:

  • description
  • labels
  • monitoringConfig.snapshot_analysis.disabled
  • monitoringConfig.snapshot_analysis.monitoring_interval_days
  • monitoringConfig.snapshot_analysis.staleness_days
  • monitoringConfig.import_features_analysis.state
  • monitoringConfig.import_features_analysis.anomaly_detection_baseline
  • monitoringConfig.numerical_threshold_config.value
  • monitoringConfig.categorical_threshold_config.value
  • offlineStorageTtlDays

This is a comma-separated list of fully qualified names of fields. Example: "user.displayName,photo".

Request body

The request body contains an instance of EntityType.

Response body

If successful, the response body contains an instance of EntityType.

Authorization scopes

Requires the following OAuth scope:


For more information, see the Authentication Overview.

IAM Permissions

Requires the following IAM permission on the name resource:

  • aiplatform.entityTypes.update

For more information, see the IAM documentation.