Services supported by organization restrictions

This page lists the Google Cloud services that the organization restrictions feature supports.

The requests for the Google Cloud services originate from the Google Cloud console, APIs, or client libraries.

Service API name Service API URL
Access Approval API
AI Platform Prediction and AI Platform Training API
AlloyDB for PostgreSQL API
Analytics Hub API
GKE Multi-Cloud API
Google Distributed Cloud API
Cloud Service Mesh certificate authority API
API Gateway API
Apigee API
Apigee Connect API
Apigee Registry API
App Engine Admin API
Artifact Registry API
Assured Workloads API
Backup and DR Service API
backup for GKE API
Bare Metal Solution API
Batch API
Chrome Enterprise Premium API
BigLake API
BigQuery API
BigQuery Connection API
BigQuery Data Policy API
BigQuery Data Transfer Service API
BigQuery Migration API
BigQuery Reservation API
Binary Authorization API
Certificate Authority API
Certificate Manager API
Cloud Asset Inventory API
Bigtable API
Cloud Build API
Cloud Composer API
Cloud Config Manager API
Cloud Data Fusion API
Cloud Data Loss Prevention API
Dataplex API
Dataproc API
Datastore API
Cloud Deployment Manager V2 API
Document AI API
Cloud Domains API
Filestore API
Firestore API
Cloud Functions API
Cloud Healthcare API
Identity-Aware Proxy API
Cloud Intrusion Detection System API
Cloud Integrations API
Cloud IoT API
Cloud Key Management Service API
Cloud Life Sciences API
Cloud Logging API
Memorystore for Memcached API
Cloud Monitoring API
Cloud Natural Language API
Cloud OS Login API
Service Catalog API
Pub/Sub API
Resource Manager API
Cloud Run Admin API
Cloud Runtime Configuration API
Cloud Scheduler API
Google Cloud Search API
Cloud Source Repositories API
Spanner API
Speech-to-Text API
Cloud SQL Admin API
Cloud Storage API
Cloud Storage for Firebase API
Talent Solution API
Cloud Tasks API
Text-to-Speech API
Cloud Tool Results API
Cloud Trace API
Cloud Translation API
Video Intelligence API
Cloud Vision API
Cloud Workstations API
Compute EngineAPI
Confidential Computing API
Config Controller (KRM API Hosting API)
Config Monitoring for Ops API
connect gateway API
Integration Connectors API
Contact Center AI Insights API
Contact Center AI Platform API
Artifact Analysis API
Container File System API

Container Registry API

Organization restrictions provides limited support for requests to Container Registry that originate from the Google Cloud console.
Container Security API
Container Threat Detection API
AI Platform Data Labeling Service API
Data Lineage API
Data pipelines API
Database Migration Service API
Dataflow API
Dataform API
Dataproc Metastore API
Datastream API
Dialogflow API
Google Distributed Cloud Container API
Google Distributed Cloud Network API
Document AI Warehouse API
Enterprise Knowledge Graph API
Error Reporting API
Eventarc API
Eventarc Publishing API
Firebase App Check API
Firebase Rules API
Game Servers API
Genomics API
GKE Connect API
GKE Dataplane Management Automation API
Data Catalog API
Cloud Deploy API
Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis API
Google Earth Engine API
Google Workspace Add-ons API
Identity and Access Management Service Account Credentials API

Identity and Access Management (IAM) API
Cloud Key Management Service Inventory API
Google Kubernetes Engine API
Live Stream API
Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory API
Cloud Service Mesh Configuration API
Microservices API
Google Cloud Migration Center API
Network Connectivity API
Connectivity Tests API
Network Security API
Network Services API
user-managed notebooks API
On-Demand Scanning API
Organization Policy Service API
OS Config API
Policy Analyzer API
Policy Simulator API
Policy Troubleshooter API
Pub/Sub Lite API
Public Certificate Authority API
Rapid Migration Assessment API
Recommender API
Resource Settings API
Retail API
Secret Manager API
Security Command Center API
Security Token Service API
Serverless VPC Access API
Service Control API
Service Directory API
Service Metadata API
Stackdriver Profiler API
Storage Insights API
Storage Transfer Service API
Stream API
Timeseries Insights API
Cloud Service Mesh API
Transcoder API
Transfer Appliance API
Vertex AI API
Video Search API
Video Stitcher API
Vision AI API
Visual Inspection AI API
VM Migration API
Google Cloud VMware Engine API
Web Risk API
Web Security Scanner API
Workflow Executions API
Workflows API
Workload Certificate API
Workload Manager API