Managing notifications

This page describes how to associate a domain with a project for verification purposes, and also how to manage your notification preferences.

Associating a domain with a project

Domain verification ensures that push notifications delivered from Pub/Sub and other Google APIs are sent only to domains associated with the subscribing project. It serves as abuse prevention, to stop anyone from sending messages to someone else's domain.

To associate a domain with a project, follow the steps for the API from which you're receiving push notifications.

Managing notification preferences

The Communication page in the Google Cloud console lets you opt into product-specific notifications, such as upcoming maintenance windows, and updates and offers, such as announcements of new features.

To control who receives other types of notifications, such as notifications for billing issues, use Essential Contacts.

To opt into, or out of, product notifications, updates, and offers:

  1. Go to the Communication page in the Google Cloud console:

    Go to the Communication Page

  2. By default, any changes you make apply only to the current project. To select additional projects, click the drop-down list of projects, and select the projects you want to update.

  3. A toggle indicates whether each type of notification is On or Off. Click the toggles to turn each notification on or off.

Changes to notifications are automatically saved. When you're finished making changes, you can navigate away from the page or close the browser window. To receive mobile notifications, you must install the Google Cloud console mobile app.

What's next

  • Use Essential Contacts to control who in your organization receives essential notifications.

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