Topology for production-level applications overview

For mission-critical applications that have a low tolerance for downtime, Google recommends that you use the 99.99% availability configuration. To be covered under the production-level applications SLA (99.99% monthly uptime percentage), you must build your network according to this topology.

The 99.99% availability configuration requires four Cloud Interconnect connections across two Google Cloud regions. The most common production topologies use four Dedicated Interconnect connections or four Partner Interconnect connections.

Another way to achieve the 99.99% availability configuration is to create two Dedicated Interconnect connections in one region and two Partner Interconnect connections in another region. For your connection pairs, you must select different metropolitan areas and separate edge availability domains.

For more information about how to achieve a 99.99% availability configuration with Dedicated Interconnect or Partner Interconnect, see the following documents: