Retrieve LOA-CFAs

After you order a Dedicated Interconnect connection, Google sends you and the NOC (technical contact) an email with your Letter of Authorization and Connecting Facility Assignment (LOA-CFA) (one PDF file per connection). You must send these LOA-CFAs to your vendor so that they can install your connections. If you don't, your connections won't get connected.

If you can't find the LOA-CFAs in your email, retrieve them from the Google Cloud console. You can also respond to your order confirmation email for additional assistance.

After the status of a Dedicated Interconnect connection changes to PROVISIONED, the LOA-CFA is no longer valid, necessary, or available in the Google Cloud console.


  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Cloud Interconnect Physical connections tab.

    Go to Physical connections

  2. For the Dedicated Interconnect connection that contains the LOA-CFAs that you need, select the options button, and then select Download LOA-CFA.

  3. Submit your LOA-CFAs to your vendor so that they can provision your connections. For more information, contact the colocation facility that you're working with.

To help you solve common issues that you might encounter when using Dedicated Interconnect, see Troubleshooting.