Scale replica count

This page explains how to scale the number of replicas used by your instance.

Update replica count for an existing instance

Updating the number of replicas for an instance allows you to enable replicas, disable replicas, and change the number of replicas.


  1. Go to the Memorystore for Redis Cluster page in the Google Cloud console.

Memorystore for Redis Cluster

  1. Click your Cluster ID.

  2. In the Configurations section, click the pencil icon next to Replica Count.

  3. Select your desired number of replicas from the Replicas dropdown menu.

  4. Click the Update Cluster button.


To update the number of replicas, run the update command:

gcloud redis clusters update INSTANCE_ID \
  --region=REGION_ID \

Replace the following:

  • INSTANCE_ID is the ID of the Memorystore for Redis Cluster instance.
  • REGION_ID is the region where the instance is located.
  • COUNT is the number of replicas (per shard) for your instance.

Acceptable values are 0, 1, and 2.