Scale instance capacity

This page describes how to scale Memorystore for Redis Cluster instances. Your instance capacity is determined by the number of shards in your instance, and your instance's node type. Therefore, to scale you must change the shard count for your instance. For more information about an instance's behavior during scaling, see About scaling instances.

Scale the shard count


  1. Go to the Memorystore for Redis Cluster page in the Google Cloud console.

    Memorystore for Redis Cluster

  2. Click your Cluster ID.

  3. In the Configurations section, click the pencil icon next to Shards.

  4. Enter your desired number of shards under Shards.

  5. Click the Update Cluster button.


To increase or decrease the size of an instance, run the update command:

gcloud redis clusters update INSTANCE_ID \
--region=REGION_ID \

Replace the following:

  • INSTANCE_ID is the ID of the your instance.
  • REGION_ID is the region where your instance is located.
  • SHARD_COUNT determines the number of shards in your instance. Shard count determines the total memory capacity for storing cluster data. To see more details about cluster specification, see Cluster and node specification.

For example:

gcloud redis clusters update my-instance \
--region=us-central1 \