Resizing the control plane node for a user cluster

This page describes how to resize the Google Distributed Cloud control-plane node for the user cluster. Resizing the control-plane node means adding or removing CPUs and changing the amount of memory available to the control-plane node for the user cluster.

You cannot resize the control-plane node manually if you have enabled automatic node resizing.

To add or remove CPUs and memory in the control-plane node:


  1. In the console, go to the Google Kubernetes Engine clusters overview page.

    Go to GKE clusters

  2. Select the Google Cloud project that the user cluster is in.

  3. In the list of clusters, click the cluster that you want to modify, and then click View details in the Details panel.

  4. Scroll down to the Control Plane section.

  5. Click Edit next to Control-plane node CPUs or Control-plane node memory, change the value, and click Done.

Command line

  1. Edit the user cluster configuration file. Change the masterNode.cpus and masterNode.memoryMB to the values you want.

       cpus: 4
       memoryMB: 8192
       # How many machines of this type to deploy
       replicas: 3
  2. Run this command to update the cluster:

    gkectl update cluster --kubeconfig ADMIN_CLUSTER_KUBECONFIG --config USER_CONFIG_FILE
    • Replace ADMIN_CLUSTER_KUBECONFIG with the path of your admin cluster kubeconfig file.
    • Replace USER_CONFIG_FILE with the path of your user cluster configuration file.