Download gkeadm

This document shows how to download the gkeadm command-line tool that you use to create an admin workstation for Google Distributed Cloud.

Typically, gkeadm is the only component that you have to download manually. In some cases, you might want to manually downolad one or more of these other components:

  • Admin workstation Open Virtual Appliance (OVA)
  • Google Distributed Cloud bundle
  • gkectl command-line tool

For more information, see Downloads.

Before you begin

You must be logged in with a Google Account.

To see whether you are logged in, view your SDK account property:

gcloud config get-value account

To sign in:

gcloud auth login

Download gkeadm

You use the gkeadm command-line tool to create an admin workstation. Then you get an SSH connection to your admin workstation, and from there, you create clusters.

The gkeadm command-line tool is available for 64-bit Linux.

gsutil cp gs://gke-on-prem-release/gkeadm/VERSION/linux/gkeadm ./
chmod +x gkeadm

Replace VERSION with the version of Google Distributed Cloud you want to install or upgrade your clusters to. The latest available patch version is 1.29.200-gke.245. For a list of available versions, see Versioning.

Verify gkeadm using openssl

You can use openssl to verify the gkeadm binary against the public key.

gsutil cp gs://gke-on-prem-release/gkeadm/VERSION/linux/gkeadm.1.sig /tmp/gkeadm.1.sig
echo "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----" > key.pem
openssl dgst -verify key.pem -signature /tmp/gkeadm.1.sig ./gkeadm

The expected output of this command is Verified OK.