Get a data transfer discount for research and education

At universities, research and collaboration are fundamental, and it's important for Google Cloud tools to support this work seamlessly. When it comes to internet data transfer, institutions often face challenges such as the fact that costs can be hard to predict, especially in areas like high performance computing, machine learning, and IoT.

We want to remove friction with data transfer. For Internet2 Higher Education members, members of the GÉANT NRENs (National research and education network) through OCRE, and other education institutions in the rest of the world, Google waives internet data transfer fees calculated at list prices, up to a maximum of 15% of the total monthly Google Cloud fees. This applies to Internet Data Transfer SKUs for App Engine, API Gateway, Artifact Registry, Bigtable, Cloud Functions, Cloud Healthcare API, Cloud Run, Spanner, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Cloud Tasks, Compute Engine, Pub/Sub, and Remote Build Execution.


To receive the data transfer discount for Google Cloud, institutions must meet the following eligibility requirements.

Institution Internet2 Higher Education member, member of the GÉANT NRENs, or your National Research and Education Network (NREN)
Role Faculty, administrators, and academic researchers using Google Cloud
Network Must route at least 80% of data from Google Cloud through a direct peering connection with Google, Cloud Interconnect links, or Internet2 or Internet2 connector networks.
Workload Types Allowed
  1. Research or academic workloads
  2. Hosting departmental websites
NOT Allowed
  1. Massive online open courseware (MOOC)
  2. Live-streaming or media streaming
  3. Hosting websites for commercial purposes outside of research & teaching.

How to get the data transfer discount

Eligibility. Check that your organization is included on the list of Internet2 Higher Education members or is a member of the GÉANT NRENs. Outside of Europe and the USA, you must be a nationally recognised and registered educational or not-for-profit research organisation. The data transfer discount is available on request when procuring Google Cloud through a contract; the waiver is not available for pay-as-you-go customers (for example, when paid with credit card).

In the US. Join the Internet2 NET+ Google Cloud offering. To get started, contact us at After an Internet2 NET+ Google Cloud agreement is in place, Internet2 and Carahsoft can enable the data transfer discount.

In Europe and countries covered by GÉANT, you will automatically receive the data transfer waiver when procuring through the OCRE framework.

In the rest of the world, ask your Google reseller to enable the data transfer waiver as you start or renew your next contract.

Disproportionate usage

If data transfer usage exceeds 15% of the total monthly Google Cloud fee, Google will follow up with the institution directly or through your reseller. Should the customer be found to be in breach of the "Network" or "Workload Types" terms, Google reserves the right to revoke the discount.

Qualifying traffic definition

For qualifying SKUs, Google waives internet data transfer fees calculated at list prices, up to a maximum of 15% of the total monthly Google Cloud fees.

About qualifying SKUs