View and list repositories

This page describes how to view and list Artifact Registry repositories.

Before you begin

  1. (Optional) Configure defaults for gcloud commands.

Required roles

To get the permissions that you need to view and list repositories, ask your administrator to grant you the following IAM roles:

For more information about granting roles, see Manage access.

These predefined roles contain the permissions required to view and list repositories. To see the exact permissions that are required, expand the Required permissions section:

Required permissions

The following permissions are required to view and list repositories:

  • artifactregistry.repositories.get
  • artifactregistry.repositories.list

You might also be able to get these permissions with custom roles or other predefined roles.

Viewing repositories

You can view repositories within a Google Cloud project.

To view a list of repositories:


Open the Repositories page in the Google Cloud console.

Open the Repositories page

The page displays a list of your repositories.

To filter the Artifact Registry repository list:

  1. Above the repository list, click Filter Table.
  2. Choose a filter from the filter list.
  3. Specify the value that you want to use for filtering the list.


To list existing repositories, run the following command:

gcloud artifacts repositories list [--project=PROJECT] \

To view the type of encryption configured for a repository, run the following command:

gcloud artifacts repositories describe REPOSITORY \
[--project=PROJECT] [--location=LOCATION]

In these commands, replace the following values:

  • PROJECT is the project ID. If this flag is omitted, the current or default project is used.
  • REPOSITORY is the name of the repository.
  • LOCATION is a regional or multi-regional location. Use this flag to view repositories in a specific location. You can also use --location=all to list repositories across all locations.

    If you omit this flag, the command uses the default location if a default is configured. Otherwise, omitting this flag lists repositories across all locations.

For more information about the command, run the following command:

 gcloud artifacts repositories list --help

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