Work with Go modules

Artifact Registry supports Go modules and semantic versioning independent of your version control system. Go modules stored in Artifact Registry can be used alongside other public or private modules in your Go projects.


To get familiar with storing Go modules in Artifact Registry, you can try the quickstart.

When you're ready to learn more, read the following information:

  1. Create a Go module repository for your packages.
  2. Grant permissions to the account that will connect with the repository. Service accounts for common integrations with Artifact Registry have default permissions for repositories in the same project.
  3. Set up authentication to Artifact Registry for Go.
  4. Manage your Go modules.
  5. Learn about semantic versioning in Go.

Audit logging

To view Go log entries in Cloud Logging, you must enable DATA_WRITE logging.

When you upload a Go module to a repository, the operation is logged as UploadGoModule. Artifact Registry logs the following specific methods for Go repositories:

List versions in a module

  • Go-ListVersions

View module information

  • Go-ViewModInfo

Download the go.mod File

  • Go-DownloadModFile

Download the zip File

  • Go-DownloadZipFile

For information about other Artifact Registry log entries, see View audit logs.