Troubleshoot Python packages issues

Learn about troubleshooting steps that you might find helpful if you run into problems managing Python packages in Artifact Registry.

For issues that apply to all artifact formats, see General troubleshooting.

Issues uploading and downloading packages

Tools such as pip and Twine return HTTP error codes. Some error codes you might encounter:

  • 403 - Authentication issue, possibly caused by lack of permissions to perform the operation.
  • 404 - Package not found. Verify that the path and package name are correct. If you are downloading a package, list the repository contents to confirm that the package is in the repository

You can get more information about the error if you rerun the command with a flag for more detailed messages.


Run the command with the --verbose or -v flag. Starting with pip 21.2, you can use the flag up to three times for extra output. For example to get the next level of debugging detail, use --verbose --verbose or -vv. For example:

pip install -vv --index-url my-package

Run the command with the --verbose flag. For example:

twine upload --repository-url --verbose dist/*