Delete repositories

This page describes how to delete Artifact Registry repositories.

Before you begin

You must have the Artifact Registry Administrator role or a role with equivalent permissions.

Deleting repositories

Before you remove a repository, ensure that any packages that you want to keep are available in another location.

When you delete a repository, make sure all references to the repository are replaced in your build and configuration files.

To delete a repository:


  1. Open the Repositories page in the Google Cloud console.

    Open the Repositories page

  2. In the repository list, select the repository to delete.

  3. Click Delete.


To delete the a repository, run the following command:

gcloud artifacts repositories delete REPOSITORY \
[--location=LOCATION] [--async]


  • REPOSITORY is the name of the repository.
  • LOCATION is the regional or multi-regional location for the repository. You can omit this flag if you set a default.
  • --async returns immediately, without waiting for the operation in progress to complete.

For more information about the command, run the following command:

 gcloud artifacts repositories delete --help