View backup details

This page describes how to view detailed information about an AlloyDB backup.

Before you begin

  • The Google Cloud project you are using must have been enabled to access AlloyDB.
  • You must have one of these IAM roles in the Google Cloud project you are using:
    • roles/alloydb.admin (the AlloyDB Admin predefined IAM role)
    • roles/owner (the Owner basic IAM role)
    • roles/editor (the Editor basic IAM role)

    If you don't have any of these roles, contact your Organization Administrator to request access.



To use the gcloud CLI, you can install and initialize the Google Cloud CLI, or you can use Cloud Shell.

To view details about a backup, use the gcloud alloydb backups describe command.

gcloud alloydb backups describe BACKUP_ID \
--region=REGION_ID \

Replace the following:

  • BACKUP_ID: The ID of the backup. You can find a backup's ID by viewing a list of backups.

  • REGION_ID: The ID of the region where the backup is placed.

  • PROJECT_ID: The ID of the project where the backup is placed.