Telecom Subscriber Insights overview

This page describes the benefits of using Telecom Subscriber Insights and how it works.

Telecom Subscriber Insights is a first-party solution that provides closed-loop subscriber insights to communication service providers (CSPs). Telecom Subscriber Insights extracts information from various data sources, and then recommends actions to telecom subscribers on multiple channels. Telecom Subscriber Insights is intended to increase subscriber growth, subscriber engagement, and subscriber retention.


Telecom Subscriber Insights is designed to help you identify products and services that your subscribers can benefit from while increasing your average revenue per user. Telecom Subscriber Insights provides intelligent marketing analytics and subscriber experience tools to help you do the following:

  • Reduce subscriber friction throughout the onboarding process.
  • Provide expanded digital tools to engage your subscribers.
  • Increase retention by enabling you to provide personalized product offerings to your subscribers.
  • Identify subscribers that have a high likelihood for churn, and offer next best actions to help retain them.

How it works

You contact your Google sales representative and request Telecom Subscriber Insights. We work with you to set up Telecom Subscriber Insights, and you provide the configuration data that's needed. We create a Google Cloud project that includes items such as Pub/Sub endpoints and Cloud Storage buckets for ingesting data, data pipelines for ingesting relevant subscriber records, and Looker templates for creating campaigns.

After we create the project, we transfer ownership of the project to you so that all the subscriber data is in your control. Google doesn't have access to any data that is stored or processed within your project. Telecom Subscriber Insights ingests the subscriber data and presents the data in monitoring dashboards. You use Looker to create campaigns to reach subscribers.

During setup, we provide Terraform deployment and configuration scripts. You can use the scripts for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines that help ensure that your Telecom Subscriber Insights implementation is up to date. If any component breaks, we offer support as part of the standard Google Cloud support offerings.

What's next

Contact a Google sales representative to sign up, and then complete the initial setup steps.