Create a campaign

This page describes how to use Looker to create a campaign from your Telecom Subscriber Insights data.

Set up Looker

  1. If you don't have a Looker instance, install a Looker-hosted instance.

  2. Grant a Looker user with administrator privileges to Google. We use this user to configure the Looker instance for Telecom Subscriber Insights.

    During setup, Google assists you with installing Telecom Subscriber Insights Looker blocks and sets up the dashboards and activation capabilities for you.

Create a campaign

To create a campaign, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Looker instance previously set up for Telecom Subscriber Insights.
  2. Go to Boards, and then select Telecom Subscriber Insights.

    Telecom Subscriber Insights dashboards are displayed.

  3. Select the Create Campaign dashboard.

    The dashboard displays subscribers that are eligible for a targeted campaign based on the propensity-to-purchase model.

  4. Use filters to narrow or expand the subscriber segments that you select. You can choose from the following options:

    • Total: all subscribers
    • Geo Filters: subscribers filtered by geographical locations
    • Geo + Plan Filters: subscribers filtered by geographical locations and plan offerings
    • Geo + Plan + Device Filters: subscribers filtered by geographical locations, plan offerings, and currently used devices
  5. To adjust the subscriber selection for a filter, click More, and then click Explore from here.

  6. Click Settings, and then click Send.

    Where should this data go is displayed.

  7. Click TSI offers, and then enter the following for your campaign:

    • Campaign name: a campaign name
    • Notification channel: the notification channel to use for this campaign
    • Notification type: the type of notification to use for this campaign
    • Notification message: the message to send for this campaign
  8. Click Sign in with Google, and then sign in with your credentials.

  9. Click Send to send notifications to previously selected subscribers.