Apply script updates

This page describes how to pull the latest Telecom Subscriber Insights script updates and apply the updates to your project.

During setup, we create Cloud Source Repositories in the Google Cloud project for Telecom Subscriber Insights. The source repository contains deployment scripts, schema files, and other relevant assets that you need to deploy Telecom Subscriber Insights. Google will update Telecom Subscriber Insights as agreed to in the terms and conditions in the Service Specific Terms (SST) and periodically push new feature updates, bug fixes, and other improvements to this repository. You have complete access to this repository.

The deployment scripts are written in Terraform. You can use the Terraform scripts to deploy data plan agent (DPA), data pipeline, machine learning (ML) binary files, and other Telecom Subscriber Insights modules.

During the onboarding process, we set up a continuous deployment pipeline based on Cloud Build. You can use the pipeline to automatically start a deployment of the latest Telecom Subscriber Insights features within your Google Cloud project.

We are always improving the binaries and adding features to Telecom Subscriber Insights. We recommend that you deploy updates to a test project to test the changes before you deploy the updates to production.

To apply Telecom Subscriber Insights updates by using the Terraform scripts from Google, complete the following steps:

  1. In Cloud Source Repositories, verify that we transferred a source repository named tsi-cloud-repo as part of the Google Cloud project.

    We push feature updates and bug fix changes to this repository automatically.

  2. To start a deployment of the latest code, run the Cloud Build trigger:

    1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Cloud Build Triggers page.

      Go to Cloud Build Triggers

    2. Click Run to run the Cloud Build trigger named tsi-deployment.

For information about the layout of the source repository, see Terraform source repository.

What's next

  • To find information about the types of data ingestion and the data schemas available for Telecom Subscriber Insights, see Data ingestion and data schemas.