Troubleshoot the Ops Agent

Note: The localhost:2020/api/v1/metrics endpoint mentioned at 3:18 in this video is no longer available in the Ops Agent. For other options, see Agent is running but data is not ingested.

This document describes resoures available to help you troubleshoot problems with the installation, start-up, and running of the Ops Agent. Troubleshooting information is organized into the following sections:

  • Find troubleshooting information: This document describes where can you find information that can help you determine what the problem is.

  • Troubleshoot credentials : This document describes what to do when you encounter authorization or credentials problems with the Ops Agent running on Compute Engine VMs.

  • Troubleshoot installation and start-up: This document describes what to do if the installation of the agent fails, or if the agent installs but fails to start.

  • Troubleshoot data ingestion: This document describes what to do when the Ops Agent is running, but logs or metrics are not being ingested into Cloud Logging or Cloud Monitoring as you expect.