Manage files with Cloud Shell

This page describes how to upload and download files and folders with Cloud Shell.

Upload and download files and folders

You can upload and download files and folders easily using Cloud Shell. To transfer files, use one of the following methods:

  • Click More > Upload or Download to move your files or folders to or from Cloud Shell. Files and folders can only be uploaded to and downloaded from your home directory.

  • Use the cloudshell download command to download files:

    cloudshell download
  • Use the gcloud cloud-shell scp command on a local terminal to transfer files between Cloud Shell and your workstation. For example, to move a file, 'data.txt', from Cloud Shell to your local machine:

    gcloud cloud-shell scp cloudshell:~/data.txt localhost:~data.txt
  • In your Cloud Shell Editor Explorer, right-click a directory or file and then click Copy Download Link, Download, or Upload Files.