Work with Kubernetes

Cloud Code comes with end-to-end Kubernetes support, helping you create a new application from sample applications, customize and develop the application, and deploy and preview your finished app. Cloud Code also offers run-ready samples, out-of-the-box configuration snippets, and a tailored debugging experience.

Interactive tutorial

The interactive tutorial walks you through creating a Kubernetes Hello World application from a sample application, testing and debugging the app locally, creating a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster, and deploying and previewing your app.

To begin, click the following button to open Cloud Shell and launch the tutorial:

Launch interactive tutorial

Kubernetes development with Cloud Code

Beyond the tutorial, Cloud Shell has a lot to offer for Kubernetes development. Here's a snapshot of what Cloud Shell with integrated Cloud Code comes with:

  • Support for Go, Node.js, Python, Java, and .NET
  • Fully functional run and debug-ready starter applications
  • Easy creation and editing of configuration files with sample applications, out-of-the-box snippets, and context-based completions
  • One-click deploy of your applications from your browser
  • 'Watch' mode to allow continuous building and real-time editing of your live application, helping you maintain a tight development inner loop
  • Automatic port-forwarding and resource cleanup on application termination
  • Debugging and logging support for applications running on Kubernetes clusters
  • Cluster creation and management
  • Support for minikube

For a detailed look at developing Kubernetes applications with Cloud Code in Cloud Shell, see the Kubernetes overview.