Monitoring SLOs

This page describes how to monitor your service level objectives (SLOs).

For an introduction to SLOs, see the Service level objectives overview.

For each SLO that you create, Cloud Service Mesh creates several charts to help you monitor the SLO.

To view the charts:

  1. Go to the Health tab for a service:

    1. In the Google Cloud console, go to Cloud Service Mesh.

      Go to Cloud Service Mesh

    2. Select the Google Cloud project from the drop-down list on the menu bar.

    3. Click the service that you want to monitor.

    4. In the left navigation bar, click Health.

  2. Click the SLO that you want to review. Cloud Service Mesh provides the following charts:

    • Service Level Indicator: Shows the compliance of your service over the last minute compared to the specified compliance target. If there's an issue with the service, you see it right away, and you can take corrective action.

    • Error Budget Remaining: Shows how the service is consuming its error budget compared to the error budget threshold, which is always 0%.

    • Compliance: Shows how well the service is performing compared to the the compliance target. You use this chart to monitor if the service has violated or is about to violate the SLO.

  3. Click Show Chart under the chart name that you want to review.

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