Deploying a demo version of the telemetry add-ons

The YAML files to deploy a demo version of Prometheus, Grafana, and Kiali are available in the Istio GitHub repository. Although these YAML files make it easy for you to deploy an instance of Prometheus, Grafana and Kiali to your cluster, these files aren't meant to take the place of installing and configuring the applications yourself.

To deploy a demo version of the add-ons to your cluster:

  1. Enable metrics export to Prometheus.

  2. Clone the repo:

    git clone -b release-1.10 --depth 1
  3. Deploy an instance of the add-ons:

    • To deploy Grafana:

      kubectl apply -f istio/samples/addons/grafana.yaml
    • To deploy Kiali:

      kubectl apply -f istio/samples/addons/kiali.yaml
    • To deploy Prometheus:

      kubectl apply -f istio/samples/addons/prometheus.yaml

If you need to delete the add-ons, you can do so with the kubectl delete -f command.

Istio provides a set of preconfigured dashboards for Grafana. These dashboards are included in the demo version. You can also import the dashboards into an existing Grafana deployment.