Mounting file shares on remote clients

This page shows you how to mount a Filestore file share on clients in a remote network, such as:

  • Compute Engine VMs on a different project or VPC network.
  • On-premises clients on your local network.

Establishing a VPN connection between the remote network and the VPC network of the Filestore instance

Before you can mount a file share on a remote client, you must establish a VPN connection between the client's network and the VPC network of the Filestore instance.

  1. Create an HA VPN. For detailed instructions, see Creating an HA VPN gateway to a Peer VPN gateway.

    Ensure that:

    • The subnet ranges of the client and the Filestore instance don't overlap.
    • The IP address of the Filestore instance is advertised as a custom route during BGP configuration.

    For details, see Known issues.

  2. Configure the VPN gateway and tunnel on the remote network:

Mounting the Filestore file share on the remote client

Once the VPN connection is established, you can mount the file share on any client in the remote network using any of the standard mounting methods.

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