Troubleshoot instance creation

This page provides troubleshooting information to help address issues you might encounter while attempting to create a Filestore instance.

PERMISSION DENIED when creating a Filestore instance

  1. Check if the Filestore API is enabled:

    gcloud services enable
  2. Each Filestore instance must have an IP address range associated with it that does not overlap with another range in use. For a detailed list of restrictions, see Configuring a reserved IP address range.

  3. Check if you have the roles/file.editor role. For details see Access control or IAM roles and permissions.

  4. If you are still encountering the error, then the Filestore service account might have had its file.serviceAgent role removed. To check if this is the case, run:

      gcloud projects get-iam-policy project-id-or-number \
            --flatten="bindings[].members" \
            --format='table(bindings.role)' \


    • project-id-or-number is the ID or number of your Google Cloud project.
    • project-number is the number of your Google Cloud project.

    The command should return something similar to the following:


    If roles/file.serviceAgent is not listed, you can restore it by running:

      gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding project-id-or-number  \
          --member  \
          --role roles/file.serviceAgent

System limit for internal resources has been reached error when creating an instance

This error is caused by Filestore reaching an internal network quota. For every VPC network that you create a Filestore instance on, Filestore must create an internal network that peers with that network. These internal networks are preserved even when the Filestore instances and VPC networks associated with them are deleted.

Once the number of internal networks reaches 49 for a project, Filestore is no longer able to create new internal networks, which prevents you from creating Filestore instances on new VPC networks. Attempting to do so results in one of the following errors:

System limit for internal resources has been reached. Please request to adjust limit here:

You can clear the internal networks by disabling and then re-enabling the Filestore API.

Use the gcloud services disable command to disable the Filestore API:

gcloud services disable

Then, use the gcloud services enable command to re-enable the Filestore API:

gcloud services enable

If you can't disable the API because you have Filestore instances that you cannot delete or you don't want to lose quota that you've been granted through quota increase requests, then you can fill out the following form to have your network limits adjusted:

If you need to regularly delete and create VPC networks and Filestore instances, there are two ways to avoid running out of network quota:

  • When you create a VPC network, use the same name as a previous network that's been used for Filestore instance creation.

  • Cycle through a pool of no more than 49 VPC networks instead of deleting and then recreating them.

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