Troubleshoot mounting issues

This page provides troubleshooting information to help address issues you might encounter while attempting to mount or unmount a share on a Filestore instance.

My VM or GKE pod can't access Filestore

Confirm whether the Filestore instance is reachable (ping and traceroute are not supported) by running:

sudo showmount -e <filestore-ip>

The command should respond with a list of exported file systems. Then check whether the client can reach Filestore's RPC information by running:

sudo rpcinfo -p <filestore-ip>

If the Filestore instance is not reachable, common causes include improperly configured network settings or ACL settings, or you are attempting to mount the wrong instance.

  1. Check whether IP-based access control is enabled and check whether the IP address of the client is restricted. The details can be found here.
  2. Check your firewall settings to make sure that the required ports are open. For details, see Configuring firewall rules.
  3. If you're trying to access Filestore from a GKE cluster, and are getting the error mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting ..., see Unable to access file share from GKE clusters.

Permission denied when trying to mount a file share

Confirm whether there are any NFS Export Options listed for the instance:

gcloud filestore instances describe instance-id \


  • instance-id is the instance ID of the Filestore.
  • zone is the zone where the Filestore instance resides.

The command returns something similar to:

createTime: '2019-10-11T17:28:23.340943077Z'
- capacityGb: '1024'
  name: vol1
  - accessMode: READ_WRITE
    squashMode: NO_ROOT_SQUASH
name: projects/yourproject/locations/us-central1-c/instances/nfs-server
- ipAddresses:
  network: default
state: READY

If you find nfsExportOptions listed, check if the IP address of your client is within one of the ranges listed under ipRanges for the expected accessMode. If it isn't, you must edit the NFS Export Options.

Unable to mount a file share to App Engine

Filestore does not support App Engine.

Unable to mount a file share from a GKE cluster

You cannot directly mount Filestore file shares to GKE clusters. Instead, you must configure a PV and a PVC.