Provision Cloud Build resources with Terraform

HashiCorp Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool that lets you provision and manage cloud infrastructure. Terraform provides plugins called providers that let you interact with cloud providers and other APIs. You can use the Terraform provider for Google Cloud to provision and manage Google Cloud resources, including Cloud Build.

How Terraform works

Terraform has a declarative and configuration-oriented syntax, which you can use to describe the infrastructure that you want to provision in your Google Cloud project. After you author this configuration in one or more Terraform configuration files, you can use the Terraform CLI to apply this configuration to your Cloud Build resources.

The following steps explain how Terraform works:

  1. You describe the infrastructure you want to provision in a Terraform configuration file. You don't need to write code describing how to provision the infrastructure. Terraform provisions the infrastructure for you.
  2. You run the terraform plan command, which evaluates your configuration and generates an execution plan. You can review the plan and make changes as needed.
  3. You run the terraform apply command, which performs the following actions:
    1. It provisions your infrastructure based on your execution plan by invoking the corresponding Cloud Build APIs in the background.
    2. It creates a Terraform state file, which is a JSON file that maps the resources in your configuration file to the resources in the real-world infrastructure. Terraform uses this file to keep a record of the most recent state of your infrastructure, and to determine when to create, update, and destroy resources.
    3. When you run terraform apply, Terraform uses the mapping in the state file to compare the existing infrastructure to the code, and make updates as necessary:
      • If a resource object is defined in the configuration file, but doesn't exist in the state file, Terraform creates it.
      • If a resource object exists in the state file, but has a different configuration from your configuration file, Terraform updates the resource to match your configuration file.
      • If a resource object in the state file matches your configuration file, Terraform leaves the resource unchanged.

    Terraform-based guides for Cloud Build

    The following table lists all Terraform-based how-to guides and tutorials for Cloud Build:

    Guide Details
    Connect to a GitHub repository This guide explains how to connect a GitHub repository to Cloud Build using Terraform.
    Deploy to Compute Engine This guide explains how to perform zero-downtime blue-green deployments on Compute Engine Managed Instance Groups (MIGs) using Cloud Build and Terraform.

    Terraform modules and blueprints for Cloud Build

    Modules and blueprints help you automate provisioning and managing of Google Cloud resources at scale. A module is a reusable set of Terraform configuration files that creates a logical abstraction of Terraform resources. A blueprint is a package of deployable and reusable modules, and a policy that implements and documents a specific solution.

    The following table lists all modules and blueprints related to Cloud Build:

    Module or blueprint Details
    Secure CI/CD pipeline This module enables Google Cloud customers to quickly deploy a secure CI/CD pipeline, implementing many of the functions outlined in Shifting left on security.
    terraform-google-bootstrap This module helps bootstrap a Google Cloud organization, creating all the required resources and permissions to start using the Cloud Foundation Toolkit (CFT). For users who want to use Cloud Build and Cloud Source Repositories for foundations code, this module contains a submodule that bootstraps all the required resources.

    Terraform resources for Cloud Build

    Resources are the fundamental elements in the Terraform language. Each resource block describes one or more infrastructure objects, such as virtual networks or compute instances.

    The following table lists the Terraform resources available for Cloud Build:

    Cloud Build service Terraform Resources Data sources
    Cloud Build v1 google_cloudbuild_trigger
    Cloud Build v2 google_cloudbuildv2_connection_iam_policy

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