Cloud Build notifiers

Cloud Build notifiers are Docker images that can be run as containers on Cloud Run. When polled by a subscriber application, Cloud Build notifiers use push subscriptions to deliver messages to a configured service, such as Slack or an SMTP server.

This page provides an overview of Cloud Build notifiers.

Cloud Build notifiers

Cloud Build sends all build event updates, along with build metadata, to Pub/Sub on the cloud-builds topic. Cloud Build notifiers can be configured to listen to that topic, filter the messages it receives, and send messages to your service via Cloud Run.

All notifiers use a common YAML spec for configuration, stored in Cloud Storage. If your desired service requires authentication, credentials are stored in Secret Manager. Cloud Run routes your message and sends your notifications to your service.

The following diagram shows how Cloud Build interacts with other Google Cloud products, such as Pub/Sub and Cloud Run, to send notifications:

Diagram for Cloud Build notifiers

Supported notifiers provided by Cloud Build

Cloud Build provides and maintains deployable notifier images in the cloud-build-notifiers repository. The following table lists available notifiers:

Notifier Description
bigquery writes build data to a BigQuery table
githubissues uses a GitHub webhook to create issues against a GitHub repo
googlechat uses a Google Chat webhook to post messages to a Google Chat space
http sends a JSON payload to another HTTP endpoint
slack uses a Slack webhook to post messages to a Slack channel
smtp sends emails via an SMTP server

To learn more about how to configure each notifier, see the corresponding page for each service:

Automating notification configuration

Cloud Build provides a setup script that you can use to automate notification configuration for Cloud Build supported notifiers.

To learn how to configure notifications for Cloud Build supported notifiers, see Automating configuration for notifications.

Creating your own notifier

In addition to notifiers maintained by Cloud Build, such as Slack or SMTP, you can use the provided library in the cloud-build-notifiers repository to create your own notifier.

To learn how to create your own notifier, see Creating your own notifier.

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