Interface FunctionDeclaration (1.4.0)

Structured representation of a function declaration as defined by the [OpenAPI 3.0 specification]( Included in this declaration are the function name and parameters. This FunctionDeclaration is a representation of a block of code that can be used as a Tool by the model and executed by the client.





description?: string;

Optional. Description and purpose of the function. Model uses it to decide how and whether to call the function.


name: string;

The name of the function to call. Must start with a letter or an underscore. Must be a-z, A-Z, 0-9, or contain underscores and dashes, with a max length of 64.


parameters?: FunctionDeclarationSchema;

Optional. Describes the parameters to this function in JSON Schema Object format. Reflects the Open API 3.03 Parameter Object. string Key: the name of the parameter. Parameter names are case sensitive. Schema Value: the Schema defining the type used for the parameter. For function with no parameters, this can be left unset.


with 1 required and 1 optional parameter: type: OBJECT properties:


  type: STRING

 type: INTEGER

  - param1