Implementing email alerts

Using CTS email alerts allows you to engage with your users by automatically sending out email notifications for relevant jobs. For details on the searchJobsForAlert search method, see the email alerts how-to guide.

To make sure that job seekers receive a variety of jobs in their notifications, it's important to consider the following settings:

  • Diversification level: Job queries sometimes return multiple similar results. The CTS DiversificationLevel parameter detects clusters of highly similar results and displays only one representative job from that group high up in the results. The remainder are returned lower down. This improves the diversification of relevant jobs sent to job seekers and leads to increased engagement. Enable this feature by changing DiversificationLevel from unspecified to SIMPLE.

  • The offset field: The offset field specifies a starting position in the ranked list of relevant jobs returned from a query. Entering a value in this field allows you to send multiple intra-day emails to a job seeker with offset results in each (for example results 1-10 in the first email, 11-20 in the next). While this works only for searches with more search results than the designated offset value, it reduces the chances of a job seeker repeatedly seeing the same job opening.

  • Date and time restrictions: You can adjust the date and time parameters to only show jobs posted within a certain time frame by using the TimestampRange filter. Depending on how many new jobs are posted daily, you can set this restriction to the last 1 day, 3 days, and so on. This ensures that only the most recently-posted jobs are shown in the email alert.