Migrate to CTS Job Search v4 from a previous version


Cloud Talent Solution v4 is the latest version in General Availability (GA). Cloud Talent Solution v4 consolidates features from several previous versions ( v3, v3p1beta1, and v4beta1. With the release of v4, all previous versions (v3, v3p1beta1, and v4beta1) are now deprecated. Calls to deprecated versions (v3p1beta1, v4beta1, and v3) will be unsuccessful starting October 14, 2021.

Functionality changes

Some critical functional changes between v4 and older versions are outlined in the table below. For a complete picture of functionality changes we recommend that you review the release notes.

Functional changes Older versions v4
Multi-tenancy support Supported starting from v4beta1. Both tenant and non-tenant paths are supported in v4beta1. Tenant path is now required. To migrate from non-tenant path to tenant path, use the listTenants API to find the tenant and add it to tenant path.
Batch operations Batch Operations in v3 and v3p1beta1 are synchronous. v4beta1 upgrades the BatchCreate and BatchUpdate to asynchronous operations. BatchDelete is added as a Batch Operation, and all Batch Operations continue to be asynchronous.
Histogram Facets Supported in v3 and v3p1beta1. Starting from v4beta1 HistogramFacets is not supported and is replaced by Histogram Query, which offers more flexibility by using an expression. Only Histogram Query is supported (same as v4beta1).
CompanyName The field is called companyName in v3 and v3p1beta1 and renamed to company in v4beta1. The field name is company (same as v4beta1).
requirePreciseResultSize Deprecated in v3, v3p1beta1, and v4beta1. Deleted from v4 because all search calls now return precise results.
estimatedTotalSize Deleted from v4 because all search calls now return precise results and this field has the same value as totalSize.
CommuteMethod Walking and cycling were Beta options in v4beta1. They will remain Beta features only available in v4beta1 until approximately Q1 2021, at which time these features will be generally available and included in v4. COMMUTE_METHOD_UNSPECIFIED, DRIVING, and TRANSIT are the only CommuteMethod options available in v4 until Q1 2021.
SearchJobsRequest.max_page_size Named SearchJobsRequest.page_size in all previous versions. Renamed to max_page_size in v4.
SearchJobsForAlertRequest.max_page_size Named SearchJobsForAlertRequest.page_size in all previous versions. Renamed to max_page_size in v4.
Tenant.usage_type The Tenant.usage_type field was added in v4beta1. This field has been removed in v4. Data within a tenant is only used to improve search quality within that tenant.

New additions by version

See the table below for net-new functionality you’ll gain by upgrading from a previous version to v4. For example, if you’re currently using v3, you’ll be able to unlock all of the below functionality by upgrading to v4.

v3p1beta1 (includes v3 features) v4p1beta1 (includes v3p1beta1 features v4 (includes v4beta1 features)
New histogram expressions Improvement of commute-based search Batch operations (BatchDelete)
Custom ranking Improvement of feedback mechanism gRPC (required)
Beta client library Multi-tenancy support
Batch operations (BatchCreate and BatchUpdate)
gRPC (optional)

gRPC client library

Starting with Cloud Talent Solution v4, only gRPC-based client libraries will be supported. gRPC client libraries are high performance RPC frameworks that can run in any environment and include both REST and RPC interfaces. You will be provided Cloud Talent Solution-generated client libraries supported in various languages (Java, Python, Nodejs, C#, PHP, Ruby) to consume the APIs.