Integration with Google Cloud services and tools

This page describes some of the other Google Cloud products that are integrated with Cloud Storage.

For a list of Google Cloud products that are integrated specifically with Cloud Storage FUSE, see Cloud Storage FUSE integrations with Google Cloud products.

Product Links
App Engine Use Cloud Storage to store your static assets when using App Engine.
BigQuery Use Cloud Storage when querying, importing, or exporting data:
Cloud CDN Use Google's global edge network to serve content closer to users, which accelerates your websites and applications:
Sensitive Data Protection Use Sensitive Data Protection to detect and classify sensitive data stored in Cloud Storage objects:
Cloud Functions Set up functions in response to events in Cloud Storage:
Cloud Load Balancing Use a Cloud Storage bucket as a load balancer backend:
Cloud Logging Store logs in Cloud Storage:
Cloud SQL Import and export data using Cloud Storage:
Cloud Storage FUSE Mount Cloud Storage buckets onto your local file system so you can store data using file system semantics:
Compute Engine Use Cloud Storage from within a Compute Engine instance:
Config Connector Configure your Cloud Storage buckets using Kubernetes tooling and APIs:
Dataflow Perform data processing tasks of any size and use a Cloud Storage bucket to hold staging files and temporary data:
Development Tools Add extensions to your development tools for fast access to your Cloud Storage buckets and objects:
Error Reporting Identify and understand your Cloud Storage errors:
Firebase SDKs Securely and efficiently access your mobile and web app data using Firebase SDKs for Cloud Storage:
Dataproc Run MapReduce jobs directly on data in Cloud Storage:
Media CDN Use Google's modern and extensible content delivery platform to deliver exceptional, planet-scale experiences to your users:
Pub/Sub Pub/Sub Notifications allow you to track changes to your Cloud Storage objects:
Storage Transfer Service Transfer data between Cloud Storage and other storage providers or filesystems:
Vertex AI Store your Vertex AI model data and output in Cloud Storage:
VPC Service Controls Create perimeters to protect the resources and data in Cloud Storage: