Client-side encryption keys

This page discusses client-side encryption, which is any data encryption you perform prior to sending your data to Cloud Storage. For other encryption options, see Data Encryption Options.

When you perform client-side encryption, you must create and manage your own encryption keys, and you must use your own tools to encrypt data prior to sending it to Cloud Storage. Data that you encrypt on the client side arrives at Cloud Storage in an encrypted state, and Cloud Storage has no knowledge of the keys you used to encrypt the data.

When Cloud Storage receives your data, it is encrypted a second time. This second encryption is called server-side encryption, which Cloud Storage manages. When you retrieve your data, Cloud Storage removes the server-side layer of encryption, but you must decrypt the client-side layer yourself.

You can use the open source cryptographic SDK, Tink, to perform client-side encryption, then protect your keys with Cloud Key Management Service. For more details, see Client-side encryption with Tink and Cloud Key Management Service.