Security sources

This page contains a list of the Google Cloud security sources that are available in Security Command Center. When you enable a security source, it provides vulnerabilities and threat findings to Security Command Center.

You can view findings in the Google Cloud console and filter them in many different ways, such as by finding type, resource type, or for a specific asset. Each security source might provide more filters to help you organize your findings.

The IAM roles for Security Command Center can be granted at the organization, folder, or project level. Your ability to view, edit, create, or update findings, assets, and security sources depends on the level for which you are granted access. To learn more about Security Command Center roles, see Access control.


Vulnerability detectors can help you find potential weaknesses in your Google Cloud resources.

Rapid Vulnerability Detection

Rapid Vulnerability Detection runs managed scans that detect so-called "N-day" vulnerabilities, known exploits that allow arbitrary data access and remote code execution, including weak credentials, incomplete software installations, and exposed administrator user interfaces.

For the complete list of vulnerabilities that Rapid Vulnerability Detection detects, see Rapid Vulnerability Detection findings and remediations.

Security Health Analytics vulnerability types

Security Health Analytics managed vulnerability assessment scanning for Google Cloud can automatically detect common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across:

  • Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging
  • Compute Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine containers and networks
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud SQL
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Cloud Key Management Service (Cloud KMS)
  • Cloud DNS

Security Health Analytics is automatically enabled when you select the Security Command Center Standard or Premium tier. Security Health Analytics detectors monitor a subset of resources from Cloud Asset Inventory, using batch, real-time, and mixed-mode scans.

For more information about Security Health Analytics scan modes, see Security Health Analytics scan types.

To view a complete list of Security Health Analytics detectors and findings, see the Security Health Analytics findings page, or expand the following section.