Migrate an Amazon Linux 2 VM to Google Cloud

Migrate to Virtual Machines supports the migration of VMs running Amazon Linux 2 to Google Cloud. Amazon Linux 2 is a Linux distribution developed and maintained by Amazon. While it can technically be run on other cloud platforms, it is not officially supported by Amazon.

To migrate your Amazon Linux 2 workloads to Google Cloud, choose one of the available migration flows:

  • OS conversion: In this approach, Migrate to Virtual Machines first converts Amazon Linux 2 running on your VM to Rocky Linux 8, and then completes the migration. This process includes the following steps:

    1. Convert and upgrade the Amazon Linux 2 OS to Rocky Linux 8.
    2. Adapt the VM to Compute Engine.

    The VM boots with Rocky Linux 8. You can now set the target details, create a test-clone and test the VM. If the VM works as expected, you can cut-over to the VM on Google Cloud.

  • Disk migration: If you don't want to perform an automated OS conversion, you can choose to migrate your VM's disks to Persistent Disk volumes on Google Cloud. This feature helps you migrate the workload state (VM disks) from a source VM and attach it as a Persistent Disk volume to an existing or new VM on Google Cloud, using an officially supported or any other base image, with minimal interruptions to the workload.