Compare Cloud Foundry and Kf Services

This document provides a side-by-side comparison of the various services available on Cloud Foundry (CF) and those that Kf integrates with on Google Kubernetes Engine.

It is designed to equip Cloud Foundry professionals with the key concepts required to start using Kf and Google Kubernetes Engine.

Service Category Service CF Kf
Platform Infrastructure Orchestrator BOSH Google Kubernetes Engine
PaaS CF Application Runtime (CFAR) Kf
Data Management Google Cloud Service Broker Google Cloud Service Broker Tile Google Cloud Service Broker Helm Chart
AWS Service Broker AWS Service Broker Tile AWS Service Broker Helm Chart
MySQL MySQL Tile Minibroker
MongoDB MongoDB Tile Minibroker
RabbitMQ RabbitMQ Tile Minibroker
Redis Redis Tile Minibroker
Eureka Spring Cloud Services Tile Service Discovery
Spring Cloud Config Spring Cloud Services Tile Spring Cloud Config Application
Operations Tooling Continuous Integration (CI) Concourse Tile Concourse Helm Chart
Logging Google Cloud Google Cloud Firehose Nozzle Cloud Logging
Elastic Elastic Firehose Nozzle Elastic Stack Agent
Splunk Splunk Firehose Nozzle Splunk Connect
Metrics CF App Metrics GKE Metrics