kf start


kf start - Deploy a stopped App and route traffic to it once healthy.


kf start APP_NAME [flags]


Starting an App will create a Kubernetes Deployment and Service. The Deployment will use the supplied health checks to validate liveness. While the Deployment is sclaing up, Routes will be modified to send traffic to live instances of the App.


kf start myapp



Do not wait for the action to complete on the server before returning.

-h, --help

help for start

Inherited flags

These flags are inherited from parent commands.


Username to impersonate for the operation.


Group to impersonate for the operation. Include this flag multiple times to specify multiple groups.


Path to the Kf config file to use for CLI requests.


Path to the kubeconfig file to use for CLI requests.


Log HTTP requests to standard error.


Space to run the command against. This flag overrides the currently targeted Space.