kf proxy


kf proxy - Start a local reverse proxy to an App.


kf proxy APP_NAME [flags]


Proxy creates a reverse HTTP proxy to the cluster's gateway on a local port opened on the operating system's loopback device.

The proxy rewrites all HTTP requests, changing the HTTP Host header and adding an additional header X-Kf-App to ensure traffic reaches the specified App even if multiple are attached to the same route.

Proxy does not establish a direct connection to the App.

For proxy to work:

  • The cluster's gateway must be accessible from your local machine.
  • The App must have a public URL

If you need to establish a direct connection to an App, use the port-forward command in kubectl. It establishes a proxied connection directly to a port on a pod via the Kubernetes cluster. port-forward bypasses all routing.


kf proxy myapp



IP address of the HTTP gateway to route requests to.

-h, --help

help for proxy


Local port to listen on. (default 8080)

Inherited flags

These flags are inherited from parent commands.


Username to impersonate for the operation.


Group to impersonate for the operation. Include this flag multiple times to specify multiple groups.


Path to the Kf config file to use for CLI requests.


Path to the kubeconfig file to use for CLI requests.


Log HTTP requests to standard error.


Space to run the command against. This flag overrides the currently targeted Space.