kf doctor


kf doctor - Run validation tests against one or more components.


kf doctor [(COMPONENT|TYPE/NAME)...] [flags]


Doctor runs tests on one or more components or objects to validate their desired status.

If no arguments are supplied, then all component tests are ran. If one or more arguments are suplied then only the test for those components or objects are ran.

Possible components are:

  • cluster
  • istio

Possible object types are:

  • app
  • build
  • clusterservicebroker
  • route
  • servicebroker
  • serviceinstance
  • serviceinstancebinding
  • sourcepackage
  • space
  • task


# Run doctor against all components.
kf doctor
# Run doctor against server-side components.
kf doctor cluster
# Run doctor for a Kf App named my-app.
kf doctor app/my-app
# Run doctor for a Kf Service named my-service.
kf doctor serviceinstance/my-service
# Run doctor for a Kf Binding named my-binding.
kf doctor serviceinstancebinding/my-binding
# Run doctor for the Kf Operator.
kf doctor operator



Set the delay between executions. (default 5s)

-h, --help

help for doctor


Number of times to retry doctor if it isn't successful. (default 1)

Inherited flags

These flags are inherited from parent commands.


Username to impersonate for the operation.


Group to impersonate for the operation. Include this flag multiple times to specify multiple groups.


Path to the Kf config file to use for CLI requests.


Path to the kubeconfig file to use for CLI requests.


Log HTTP requests to standard error.


Space to run the command against. This flag overrides the currently targeted Space.