Terms for pre-GA offerings

This page describes the terms and conditions for features that are considered pre-GA offerings.

Pre-GA offering terms for Cloud Healthcare API

In these terms, "Cloud Healthcare Pre-GA Offerings" means features of the Cloud Healthcare API identified as "Early Access," "Alpha," "Beta," "Preview," "Experimental," or a similar designation in related documentation or materials.

Cloud Healthcare API Pre-GA Offerings are not guaranteed to graduate to other launch stages. These features are not covered by any SLA, have limited support, have no deprecation policy, and might be subject to backward-incompatible changes. For more information, see the product launch stages.

These features are pre-GA offerings as defined in Google's Service Specific Terms. The following terms also apply:
  • The Cloud Data Processing Addendum (CDPA) apply to Cloud Healthcare API Pre-GA offerings.
  • You may use Cloud Healthcare API Pre-GA offerings to process personal data or other data subject to legal or regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Cloud Healthcare API Pre-GA offerings are included in the GCP Business Associate Agreement (BAA).
    • If you will be using the Cloud Healthcare API to store or process Protected Health Information in a manner subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and/or any amendments or regulations under HIPAA, you must enter into an appropriate BAA with Google. For more information, see HIPAA Compliance on GCP.
  • Cloud Healthcare API Pre-GA offerings might not generate Access Transparency log entries.