Dataproc Metastore service tiers

When you create a Dataproc Metastore service, you can choose to use a Dataproc Metastore 2 service or a Dataproc Metastore 1 service.

This document explains how to control resource consumption for Dataproc Metastore 1.

Types of service tiers

Dataproc Metastore uses service tiers to handle varying levels of stability and workloads. You can select the service tier when you create a Dataproc Metastore service. You can also change the service tier of an existing service.

There are two types of service tiers:

  • Developer: The Developer tier is typically used for production for low-cost proof-of-concept projects. This tier provides limited scalability sand no fault tolerance.

  • Enterprise: The Enterprise tier is typically used for production projects. This tier provides flexible scalability, fault tolerance, and multi-zone high availability. It can handle heavy Dataproc Metastore workloads.

By default, new Dataproc Metastore services are created with the Developer tier.

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