Cloud Logging

You can view, search, filter, and archive Dataproc Metastore job logs in Cloud Logging.

Access job logs in Logging

When you run Dataproc Metastore, a Hive metastore process output is streamed to the Google Cloud console.

You can access Logging using the Logging console, the gcloud logging command, or the Logging API.


  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Cloud Logging > Logs (Logs Explorer) page:

    Go to the Logs Explorer page

  2. Select an existing Dataproc Metastore Google Cloud project.

  3. Under the Resources menu, select Dataproc Metastore Service.

  4. Under the All logs menu, select the log type that you want to see.


The Google Cloud CLI has a group of commands, gcloud logging, that provide a command-line interface to the Cloud Logging API. To read your log entries, run the following command:

gcloud logging read \


Follow the Logging API instructions to list log entries (entries.list) by using the API Explorer.

Dataproc Metastore service logs in Logging

Dataproc Metastore exports request and system logs to Cloud Logging.

Log Type Log Name logName query
Request logs logName=(projects/$PROJECT_ID/logs/
System logs logName=(projects/$PROJECT_ID/logs/

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